Sasha Hull
Digital Marketer 



I help businesses, individuals and organizations make sense of online marketing. My clients have spanned industries, from corporate to nonprofit, SaaS and e-commerce. Projects have ranged from custom social media strategies to brand and website revamps. 

I'm a serial student and get a kick out of meeting new people and making connections. In my spare time, you can usually find me behind a camera.

Running from Rhinos is based on literally running from a rhino in my native South Africa. Besides being the perfect story to use in people bingo ice-breaker games, Running from Rhinos is about finding the lesson and a reason to laugh, even when you literally end up in thorn bushes. 



With a solid background in research and development from my university education, I approach digital marketing from an audience or customer centric, data driven perspective.

It can be tough to connect the dots between your digital marketing efforts and concrete results. By using your data to determine your needs, I have been connecting those dots for over 5 years. 



We are extremely pleased with the work Sasha has done to research and analyze our current practices and subsequently develop a Content Marketing and Social Media Plan for our organization. She was a pleasure to work with and we are confident that her efforts will have a tremendous impact.
— Suzanne Mott
I could not recommend Sasha Hull more for any digital, social media strategy or execution. Sasha has an incredible ability to provide simple and strategic thinking to even the most complicated projects. Sasha knows the perfect formulas for getting the exact right message to extremely diverse audiences with maximum impact. She knows the digital world incredibly well, and can improve any business or organization’s digital presence with strategic thinking and execution.
— Christie James
As Executive Director you look for people that can compliment the team and bring fresh new ideas. This was one of my best hires. Sasha has a good eye for detail and is a quick learner. She has built strong community relationships and is a team player.
— Debra Armstrong
She is a great problem solver, up-to-date on the current trends in communications and social media, and an amazing person to work with. She optimizes the limited resources non-profits often have to have a reach and ROI with great success. As the sole person who handles the digital engagement of my workplace, I have greatly appreciated the insight Sasha has provided to make my job easier. I am proud to call her a mentor and friend!
— Karen Lamola