The Importance of a Custom Throw Pillow

I hit the jackpot on office roommates, just saying. One of the physical manifestations of this is a custom throw pillow. Shopping local doesn't get more "local" than supporting a friend who also happens to be your office roommate. 

Susan dabbles in all things creative and is one of those rare gems that is equally talented in as many creative outlets as you can name. It's part disgusting, part inspiring. 

In her downtime, Susan creates minimalist throw pillows. Regardless of whether throw pillows are inherently minimalist or not (do you actually NEED a throw pillow?), her designs are perfectly modern and uncluttered and I love all of them.

Calgary seems to agree with me - West Elm just opened and Brown Eyed Suzy's throw pillows were a feature item. 

Certain pillow designs can be found at West Elm in Calgary but for the full range and to get in touch for a custom pillow, see her Etsy shop here

Susan was sweet enough to make me an extra large pillow in a custom colourway last month and the point of this is that every morning I casually chuck said custom throw pillow onto my bed and smile because I'm reminded that I work with friends. Bring it, Monday.