Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories, One Week On

Last week, I wrote about Snapchat, my love for it and a couple tips to keep in mind. The next day, Instagram released Stories

While puppy dog effects and geolocation filters are missing, Instagram Stories integrates some of the most important Snapchat features into Instagram. While the basics around creating content for Stories (either Instagram or Snapchat) is all still applicable, for many brands, the question becomes Snapchat or Instagram? 

My initial thoughts were definitely not positive, kind of like this article. The headline occurred to me throughout the day... Why would Instagram lose its focus? Being everything to everyone isn't typically a great business strategy... 

Despite the largely negative outcry that I witnessed on day 1, by day 2, I was hooked. And Snapchat was visibly a ghost town as influencer stories usually shared on Snapchat dried up. I personally found myself wondering where to share content that I would normally just have shared on Snapchat. And, I spent ages watching stories from photographers and influencers that I was just too lazy to add on Snapchat up to this point. (On that note, I highly recommend watching Joe Greer's stories, @ioegreer.) And I'm not alone.... 

A week later, this is actually a genius move from Instagram and Facebook to capture the younger demographic that avoids Facebook. As one person who has deleted their Facebook  account told me, it's Snapchat content on Instagram where it's easier to follow accounts that match their interests. Accounts that they just never bothered to look for and add on Snapchat. 

For a brand, if you are already established on Instagram and not yet on Snapchat, definitely get a feel for how your audience will respond to raw, unfiltered content using Instagram stories. Views are guaranteed from your existing audience so feedback will be much more instant than building and growing a new community on Snapchat. And, if the engagement on Instagram Stories is there, consider moving to Snapchat. If it's not, consider reworking your content strategy for this avenue. Tips on content here

Some great reads on the Snapchat vs. Instagram battle are below. 


Instagram or Snapchat? How do you feel about the new update?